I'm a natural seeker of "systems." This seems to always have been so. Along the way, I learned to distrust systems, but I never lost my taste for them. One of my primary objects in system-seeking has been to find an effective substrate upon which a larger edifice of ideas can be constructed; or to put it in another way, to establish the root or foundation principle of all that can be said about the universe and our place in it. Small order, eh?

After setting out on this fool's errand, somewhere back in the 1970's I seem to have settled on non-personal Consciousness as that fundamental. As a thinker since then I have wandered in a circle around this concept, looking it over and kicking its tires with the help of the work of some of the great spiritual teachers and thinkers. Eventually it occurred to me that there was nothing conceptual or "systematic" in this fundamental order, at least not the kind of system that favors presentations in language patterns, since there are no residing assumptions to be found there. Not a single Doric column, leaning-post or wall; the site is bare naked.

I'm fond of the architectural imagery that attaches to the notion of a founding principle, but its virtues are limited. Several times I've encountered a high-grade form of Consciousness. These events were powerful enough to flag Consciousness permanently as the root, source and foundation of everything, and I'm happy now to putter around the yard of this world making belated observations, content to miss nothing. Ever since, I know there's something unconditionally harebrained about saying "consciousness is blah blah, etc." All That notwithstanding, I've noticed that every instant of life expresses and contains the unnamable curl of Ineffable Consciousness, stepped down for human jabber. We know something, but it's in a form we did not choose, and there's the misery.