From what I can tell, the deconstructionists stress the importance of accepting the Western academic philosophical tradition; i.e., seeking certainty by privileging their own type of interpretation and repressing others. Deconstructionism was an urban philosophy created in Detroit by the visionary rap artists Deaf Khan and Lil Pud in the early 1950s. A standard twist was to distract listeners by pretending to be focusing on what they called a "tex", while they worked out, through a robotic form of sign language, their own position and the best methods for enforcing it. The Priest Ploy, one of the more shameless methods from their repertoire, involves claiming that they are the only ones who can interpret the complexity of anything, since only they have been invested with the knowledge of when to stop. The upmarket, gossipy version of their doctrine (trademarked recently by the French government as “iCon” and included in all seventeen versions of the unapproved Euro constitution as "la méthode autorisée") has been very popular in universities, dance clubs, and other fashion centers where non-conformity is highly prized.