Because no full context can ever be provided, all thought, all speech, all gesture, all symbolic representation—and all self-reference—is incomplete. So, therefore, is the self. This, so it must follow, will also be true of the Self.

But things clear up. Remember that the self is just the short form for everything. Don't mistake the pointing for the moon.

Self-similarity, models of models, a kaleidoscopic symmetry in which everything is shown, and nothing lasts. “Ah, it all coheres.” You are the showcase in which everything that is, appears. A world can only be presented if there is a simulated you to which it may appear. All of true philosophy is an expansion on this point. Knowing this changes everything, each time you think of it. But thinking does not make this so. You are not a self. You are not anything you could recognize. This strangeness is the beginning of your nature. You are an open question that has found a good home in this Place.