Fernand Lungren – In the Abyss, The Grand Canyon


It is possible to make mistakes about who you are.

This is not an ordinary worry. But once in a great while someone is struck far down by this notion, and it refuses to depart like the usual thoughts. What do these people do with their lives from then on?

The deep is in us. People do not generally like sayings like this. Nevertheless, for some the meaning is immediately, intuitively clear: anywhere one may turn amidst the field of possible considerations, there is in every direction a deeper reality not yet known, one that cannot be known. Turning the lamp of attention upon oneself in a steady fashion is a simple and easy way to confirm this.

This deep is us. Our makeshift personalities and habits of perception float upon the deep like archipelagoes; geographically related but impermanent, subject to constant erosive pressures and rearrangements which would prove shocking, if we were natively wired to track their constant changes.